The Place You Call Home


The address of the place you call home may change. However, when you are deciding to change your living situation, the issues you face may be complex and cause apprehension. We know that the best decisions are made when we are well informed about our options.

Take for example Mr. George, who contacted Stowell Associates for help in locating a retirement community for himself and his wife. Mrs. George had recently been diagnosed with dementia and had just returned to their two-story home after recovering from a broken hip. Katie Moores, MSW, C-ASWCM, our care manager assisted the Georges to assess their current needs as well as plan for their future.

Just as each individual is unique, so are the available options. Katie was able to narrow their options, taking into consideration their monthly income, preferred location and the accessibility of additional services should they be needed.

She also accompanied the Georges on tours and guided them through the entire process.

Stowell Associates offers professional consultation services as well as on-going care management provided by Registered Nurses and Masters Level Social Workers.

Our care managers and other professional staff have worked with and traveled to most retirement and assisted living communities in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Stowell Associates does not accept referral fees from any senior living communities.

We work only for you, providing knowledgeable and compassionate professional advice.



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